Fundraising Tips

How to Start a Fundraiser

Step 1 – Organize a Committee:

  1. Assign a chair person
  2. Define the goals and intent of the fundraiser
  3. Determine how much money is necessary to achieve the goals and intent
  4. Select the method by which the goals will be monitored and donors will be recognized such as with a Carroll’s Religious Supplies, LLC ”Tree of Life”
  5. Select the appropriate Tree of Life (please see section II. below) that will meet your fundraising goals and provide the appropriate type of recognition you desire for various contribution limits
  6. Determine where the Tree of Life should be placed so that it will provide adequate recognition for donors as well as be an impetus to others who have not yet donated

Step 2 – Identify potential contributors:

  1. Past donors and Members of your organization that are likely to contribute
  2. Local businesses and civic groups
  3. Philanthropists that focus on your business / religious affiliation / geographic region

Step 3 – Appoint specific committee members to target each of the above mentioned potential contributors:

  1. Phone calls
  2. Personalized letters when appropriate (see section 4 below)
  3. Request in-person appointments, and
  4. Follow up, follow up

Step 4 – General mail out to the community and advertising in your organization’s flyers such as a church bulletin. Make sure to include:

  1. The background of the project and why it is needed
  2. Goals and Objectives
  3. How the donated funds will be used
  4. How individual donors will be recognized based on their level of contribution such as with their name inscribed on a leaf, apple or some other emblem that matches; your organization
  5. How the donated funds will be used
  6. The official dedication date.